12 Charities for Christmas: Georgia’s Voice

To celebrate 21 years in business, Trident Plumbing, Heating and Electrical and A1 Appliances are making a donation to support Georgia’s Voice. Please do join us in supporting this important local charity. 

“Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in 18-29 year olds, we aim to reduce this number by highlighting the warning signs, and with early intervention including, building a support network, promoting wellness, and referrals to appropriate therapies.

Please remember that often the the first step in recovery is talking/reaching out!! So come to a group, send us a message, just take that first step. I promise tomorrow would NOT be the same without you. YOU MATTER 💜“


Georgia's Voice

Sophie, founder of Georgia’s Voice tells her story and the reasons behind ‘Georgia’s Voice’.

“Our support groups are small, free, friendly and confidential for young women with mental health concerns, we aim to provide a safe space where you can come and talk, not talk, listen, or just be. A place where you will be around others who have an understanding of your feelings, who want to help you, a place where you will never be judged.

My journey with my own mental health started when I was around 10 or 11, unhappy at home and school I often acted out, got drunk, and even took an overdose at the age of 14. I had a small time frame of slight relief from my issues after leaving home and school, although I still often abused alcohol and eventually went to the doctors aged 19 when my mental health had deteriorated to the point I had suicidal thoughts once again, I spent many years on anti depressants which I would still often mix with alcohol, not realising how much this fed my anxiety and depression.

One of my beautiful daughters unfortunately also suffered massively with her mental health, and even though we as a family tried so hard to help and support her, it was a battle she found so overwhelming she felt the only option was to make the devastating decision to take her own life. From that day I’ve not drunk a single drop of alcohol, and never plan to again, I vowed to try to help as many young girls as I possibly can to stop this ever happening again. No one should feel that the best or only option is suicide, and no family should ever have to suffer the devastating heartbreak of losing someone to suicide.

There is a real lack of easily accessible help and support out there for young people these days, so I decided with the help of many other fantastic friends and family to do something about it.

As well as creating support groups, Georgia’s voice can provide a huge support system tailored to your individual needs, we will provide workshops and information days explaining things that can promote good mental health and positive emotions. We can help with providing a range of therapies and helplines, and even put you in touch with the right people should you want to get back into education or employment.

We also want to have fun with our group members! And outside of the support group meetings there will be the chance to take part in many fun (and free!) activity days. Our groups will start in Falmouth and Truro, but we would eventually like to have support groups right across Cornwall, with the aim being to bring the ever increasing suicide rate in young girls down to zero.

If you would like to come to a meeting but are scared, don’t worry, coming to group for the first time is a big step, although everyone there will know how you are feeling having also once had to walk in for the first time themselves, feel free to start by sending a message, just please take that first step and get in touch. If there’s one thing I want you to know and to stick with you it’s that ‘ YOU MATTER’.