12 Charities for Christmas: Invictus Trust

To celebrate 21 years in business, A1 Appliances and Trident Plumbing, Heating and Electrical are making a donation to support Invictus Trust. Please do join us in supporting this important local charity.

“The Invictus Trust is a small charity in Cornwall, run by the Cowburn family. Their aim is to raise awareness of adolescent mental health in Cornwall, to provide signposting to help for those struggling, and to lobby for better mental health services and facilities for young people.”

Invictus Trust

About Invictus Trust

“The Invictus Trust was set up in January 2011 and is dedicated to the memory of Ben Cowburn, a wonderfully vibrant young man whose struggle with mental health issues had tragic consequences.

We spend money raised on:

Raising awareness and supplying information: through school talks, our online mental health portal, events, and our short films. We provide plastic Invictus cards to all young people in Cornwall with our web address on it, so they can access our portal, which signposts to reliable and safe advice.

Campaigning – we campaign for increased awareness of mental health issues via our blog, Facebook and Twitter. We successfully lobbied for a U-18 mental health unit in Cornwall, through our ‘Bring Back our Children’ film, and years of campaigning. The unit has now opened and is called Sowenna, in Bodmin. We are now campaigning to extend the unit to care for 13-25 year olds.

The Anchor Fund – we supply travel grants to families in Cornwall who sadly have a child being cared for in a mental health hospital outside of Cornwall. Some of these families travel to Manchester, Kent, and Bristol regularly just to see their child. Whilst we now have the Sowenna unit open in Cornwall, we continue to fund these families and parents to help with their travel, until all Cornish children are brought home to be cared for in Cornwall.

Equipping mental health facilities – we have so far fully equipped a state of the art café at the new Sowenna U-18 Mental Health unit in Bodmin. We have also provided them with a minibus to transport children and families back and forth on home visits. All of this is thanks to funds raised for the Invictus Trust. We will continue to equip and innovate where we can for the very best young people’s mental health care in Cornwall.
All funds raised are spent on raising awareness and campaigning. Nobody receives any remuneration for their efforts or work with or running the Invictus Trust.

Equipping mental health facilities – We are the biggest single donor to the new NHS Sowenna Under-18 mental health unit in Bodmin, which we campaigned for to be built. We have now proudly donated £100,000 to the unit, to help it be as innovative as possible for the young people receiving care there.

We will continue to equip and innovate where we can for the very best young people’s mental health care in Cornwall.”